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  • Consumers expect committed brands!


    • Over 70% of European consumers expect brands to demonstrate their sustainable commitments.
    • And about 40% of them admit boycotting a brand that disappoints them from a social or environmental perspective.
    • Indeed, consumers do not only expect clear commitments but also full transparency and proofs.
    • The challenge for brands is thus not only to do good but also to prove it, with clear, single minded actions and messages.

    The new model of responsible value-creating brands 


    • Now is the time to develop responsible sustainable brands that create value both for consumers and for their eco-system.
    • Brands that care about their impact on the planet and are contributory for individuals and for society as a whole.
    • This new breed of brands align their vision, their combat (what they are fighting for) and their actions: products, communication & initiatives

    MAOBI helps you define your sustainable brand strategy


    • We will work with you through every step of the in-house and stakeholder co-construction process: diagnosis, opportunities, co-design and the transition roadmap
    • We have developed and experienced a new brand model that combines vision and purpose, brand promise and strong reasons to beliefs.

    The result: a strong and inspirational Brand Purpose, with a clear sustainable brand strategy