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  • Make eco-responsibility a lever for value creation!


    When having a lookt at the scale of today’s challenges, doing better is no longer enough: companies need to reinvent themselves.


    Innovation is a powerful lever for turning this transformation into a positive force, consolidating your brand, motivating your employees, and generating meaningful new business.

    MAOBI works alongside you to :


    Define your vision and strategy for impactful innovation

    • Project yourself through foresight and design fiction
    • Build innovation strategies tailored to your challenges


    Accelerate your eco-innovation projects

    • Decipher emerging expectations and design new offers integrating eco-responsible issues
    • Test and deploy new products, services and circular business models
    • Support your employees in their intrapreneurship projects


    Collaborate with ecosystems to accelerate your sustainable transformation

    • Source innovative solutions
    • Define and manage your open-innovation initiatives
    • Co-construct sustainable solutions with your customers and suppliers

    Cooperation, a cornerstone of our approach


    Imagining, and above all making a reality of tomorrow’s world, requires bringing together a wide range of expertise.


    That’s why we cultivate a vast network of entrepreneurial partners, makers and industry experts ready to join forces with us to meet your challenges.

    We’re at the heart of innovation ecosystems


    With 15 years’ experience in cleantech innovation ecosystems, we have forged links with numerous investors and entrepreneurial support structures around the world.


    We can help you benefit from these networks to identify the best solutions to your innovation challenges.

    Our innovation methodologies are Planet and User-centric


    We have combined our dual expertise in environmental impact measurement and user-centric innovation processes into a proven Eco-Design Thinking process.


    From ideation to marketing, we take into account customer expectations and environmental issues to create your next eco-blockbusters: desirable, viable and sustainable.

    We make it real with you


    We believe that the real value of an idea is revealed when you put it into practice, in real life.


    We’re here to MAKE, alongside you.

    The result: sustainable product, service and business model innovations with high economic potential


    Partir d’une page blanche et fédérer les équipes R&D, Marketing et développement durable pour co-créer avec les consommateurs un nouveau produit pour l’alimentation durable.


    Concevoir et piloter un programme d’open-innovation multi-corporate accélérant les collaborations entre des startups et les business units de 10 pays pour expérimenter des solutions aux challenges liés à la décarbonation de la filière construction.


    Accompagner Valrhona à développer son offre d’emballages consignés en B2B, avec ses clients et optimiser à la fois son expérience utilisateurs et son empreinte environnementale