Consumers expect eco-responsible products and innovations!


  • Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental and ethical questions when they shop.


  • They know they can improve their own behavior, but also expect companies and brands to offer them more eco-responsible alternatives!

For companies, eco-responsibility is a lever for creativity and value creation


  • Eco-responsibility & Life Cycle thinking change the perspective of the innovation process:
    – Circular vision (vs linear)
    – End-of-live impact
    – Co-construction with all the stakeholders (not only consumers)


  • New sources of differentiation are generated:
    – Eco-innovative products
    – Eco-innovative services
    – Sustainable Business models

With its eco-design thinking process, MAOBI helps you create eco-blockbusters® and new sustainable business models 


  • Thanks to more than 15 years experience in User-Centric Innovation Processes  and in product eco-innovation, we have blended our know-how into a proven process of Eco-Design thinking.


  • We will work with you, from discovery, ideation and through to testing, to create the eco-blockbusters of tomorrow.

The result: sustainable product, service and business model innovations with high economic potential

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