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  • Thanks to our in-house Consumer Lab and 15 years experience in market research, MAOBI is 100% user centric


    • Market research is a profession. We use our expertise to explore consumers’ attitude and behavior regarding sustainability and understand impact on purchase decision patterns.
    • Our DNA is 100% User-centric and our wide experience covers all types of research :
      – Exploratory and Ethnographics
      – E-diaries and community studies
      – Focus groups and  shop test
      – Consumer Lab
      – Segmentation and personas
    • We carry out European and International Studies thanks to our partner network
    • We also conduct ad-hoc quantitative studies with partner statisticians.

    We design user centric agile processes 


    • For innovation projects, we carry out iterative agile studies in:
      – scoping
      – Exploratory processes
      – Persona identification
      – Concept / Value proposition tests
      – Consumer labs
      – Test & learn
    • As we also firmly believe in consumer-centricity, we are always keen to embark our clients on consumer’s exploration, whether through team immersion, sociological observation training, co-observation or analysis

    We have developed specific methodologies on sustainability topics   

    • Since sustainability is highly aspirational, there is a bias risk of declarative not matching real life behaviors. For this reason, we have developed specific methodologies on sustainability :
      – Ethnological studies on behaviours/eco-responsible attitudes
      – Sensitivity barometer
      – CSR strategy test
      – Claims choice & storytelling
    • We also provide expertise in responsible brand exploration:
      – Sustainable brand Platform test,
      – Pack / Brand identity

    This year we are publishing our 2021 Barometer on the eco-behaviors of the French and their involvement in eco-responsibility issues


    This Barometer allows :

    • Quantify the attitudes and behaviors of the French, and their tradeoffs vs. eco-responsibility
    • Identify and quantify the weight of the different profiles according to their level of involvement in eco-responsibility issues
    • Identify the importance of eco-responsible criteria in their choices of products, brands and services
    • Define tracking questions in order to recruit or identify these typologies in future studiess

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    Our promise : 100 % user-centric agile processes  


    Redéfinir le positionnement de la marque et l’affiner avec les consommateurs


    Définir le profil des cibles, l’offre associée et affiner le parcours UX d’une offre de consigne


    Étude auprès de professionnels de métiers de bouche et des restaurateurs du Grand Lyon pour mise en place et affinement d’une feuille de route gastronomie