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  • Thanks to our in-house Consumer Lab and 15 years experience in market research, MAOBI is 100% user centric


    • Market research is a profession. We use our expertise to explore consumers’ attitude and behavior regarding sustainability and understand impact on purchase decision patterns.
    • Our DNA is 100% User-centric and our wide experience covers all types of research :
      – Exploratory and Ethnographics
      – E-diaries and community studies
      – Focus groups and  shop test
      – Consumer Lab
      – Segmentation and personas
    • We carry out European and International Studies thanks to our partner network
    • We also conduct ad-hoc quantitative studies with partner statisticians.

    We design user centric agile processes 


    • For innovation projects, we carry out iterative agile studies in:
      – scoping
      – Exploratory processes
      – Persona identification
      – Concept / Value proposition tests
      – Consumer labs
      – Test & learn
    • As we also firmly believe in consumer-centricity, we are always keen to embark our clients on consumer’s exploration, whether through team immersion, sociological observation training, co-observation or analysis

    We have developed specific methodologies on sustainability topics   

    • Since sustainability is highly aspirational, there is a bias risk of declarative not matching real life behaviors. For this reason, we have developed specific methodologies on sustainability :
      – Ethnological studies on behaviours/eco-responsible attitudes
      – Sensitivity barometer
      – CSR strategy test
      – Claims choice & storytelling
    • We also provide expertise in responsible brand exploration:
      – Sustainable brand Platform test,
      – Pack / Brand identity

    Our promise : 100 % user-centric agile processes