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  • Companies must transform themselves


    • The consumer society and the linear production model are not sustainable.
    • The environmental crisis requires all stakeholders to change, including companies and brands. They have to redefine their usefulness and transform themselves to improve their environmental impact and become more contributive.
    • This transformation must take place at all levels of the company, from its vision and strategy to the core of its offer and business model.

    Define your purpose and CSR strategy


    • The purpose is the “why” of the company, what it contributes to. It is the backbone that gives the company its utility, guides its actions, allows it to adapt to current hazards and changes and gives meaning to its employees.


    • By identifying the causes and issues to which you can contribute, and then defining your mission with your stakeholders, it becomes not only a reason to exist, but also a reason to act !


    • Once defined, the company’s purpose and CSR strategy are embodied in commitments and actions. The transformation is all the more important as it affects the core of the reactor: i.e. its offer (eco-design), its innovation strategy (eco-innovation) and its relationship with its customers (co-construction with its users, inclusion of its ecosystem, influence…

    Towards responsible, value-creating brands: contributive brands


    If companies are transforming, so are brands: the time has come for contributory brands.


    • The time has come for responsible brands that create value for consumers and for their ecosystem.


    • These brands are concerned about their impact on the planet and contribute to the individual and society.


    • They are aligned through their vision, what they stand for, and above all their actions: products, communication and initiatives.


    • Their challenge: to clearly communicate their brand purpose, to have a clear promise and offers that concretely embody these commitments.

    MAOBI helps you define your sustainable brand strategy


    • We will work with you through every step of the in-house and stakeholder co-construction process: diagnosis, opportunities, co-design and the transition roadmap


    • We have developed and experienced a new brand model that combines vision and purpose, brand promise and strong reasons to beliefs.

    Your results: a strong, engaging and inspiring purpose

    and a clear corporate and brand strategy.


    Définir avec la filiale distributeur d’un leader du secteur de la construction la nouvelle plateforme de marque alignée avec les engagements RSE du groupe


    Créer une nouvelle marque et son offre de gastronomie engagée, dans une démarche ‘user & planet centric’


    Définir le Brand purpose et la stratégie de marque responsable pour une entreprise leader et engagée.