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  • Since 2022, MAOBI is officially an “Entreprise à mission”, a mission-led company !

    Much more than a status, our mission drives us every day through the projects we carry out with our customers and our 5 associated commitments: :


    1. Accelerate the integration of eco-design in the development of offers (products, services and new business models)


    2. Mobilize and empower the different business lines to life cycle thinking


    3. Promote the integration of eco-responsibility at the heart of corporate, brand and innovation strategies


    4. Be a driving force in the continuous improvement of responsible practices in the consulting branch


    5. Contribute to eco-responsible initiatives in our ecosystem

    MAOBI’s impact


    • At MAOBI, we believe that any improvement process starts with impact measurement. Since 2017, we have been educating our clients on the life cycle assessment (LCA) of their activities.
    • In 2020, we therefore decided to carry out, ourselves, the LCA of our activities based on the ADEME methodology.
    • The results allowed us to identify the main contributors to the environmental impact of MAOBI. They allow us today to prioritize actions to collectively reduce our impact: Continue to favor the train or carpooling for our travels, implement a plan for soft mobility, encourage vegetarian, seasonal and local meals, extend the life of our computer equipment …
    • Our objective is to carry out an LCA every two years to measure the evolution of our impacts and adapt our reduction plan.


    The impact of our missions


    In line with our mission to catalyze the eco-responsible transformation of companies and brands, from the vision to offers, we have identified 3 main indicators to measure Maobi’s impact on its clients:

    The number of projects carried out to integrate eco-design and eco-responsibility at the heart of strategies and offers,

    The number of people trained and made aware of eco-design or social and environmental issues

    • And finally the impacts avoided thanks to the offers developed.


    Proud and happy of our “1% for the planet” commitment to the CREA Mont-Blanc


    Maobi is a member of 1% for the Planet, a worldwide group of philanthropic companies that donate 1% of their turnover to nature protection projects recognized as being of general interest.


    We decided to donate 1% of our turnover to CREA Mont-Blanc, a scientific NGO whose mission is to explore the impact of climate change on biodiversity and to share this knowledge with decision-makers and citizens.


    In addition to supporting 1% for the Planet, Maobi’s teams also assist CREA Mont-Blanc in their development projects through skill-based sponsorship missions.

    Find out more on CREA Mont-Blanc